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Watch Jorge from Moreno Valley, CA Comments

Jorge wants to get a wireless doorbell. Suggestions? Leo says that he uses Ring, and they are also a sponsor. There's also Skybell. But these smart internet enabled doorbells represent a security risk because they're connected to the internet (called Internet of Things) and often they aren't updated. So if someone can break into his network, they may be able to break into his house or system. With that warning, Leo says that Ring does a great job. Google's Nest is very secure as well.

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Watch Dave from Ridgecrest, CA Comments

Dave is running an old computer on XP and Verizon conned him into installing their "in home agent," which was a home dialer. Now he can't get rid of all of it. Leo says that software was unnecessary. Back in the early days of DSL, Verizon made that required and it's some of the worst software ever. Leo recommends, which they promise can remove that software automatically. Leo says that he's never used it, but it looks to be an automatic removal tool that can do the job. Another uninstaller is the one at Logan in the chatroom has used ShouldIRemoveIt and says it works well.

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Watch Sylvia from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Sylvia wants to get a new computer but can't decide between a laptop and a desktop. Leo says that in general, a desktop is best for business. A laptop is for personal use. Since Sylvia does video and photo editing, she also should get Adobe's Creative Cloud. She'll also need a minimum of 16GB of RAM, but for video, 32 would be even better.

Leo also says that if she's going to spend the money, its better to spend more on a GPU (graphics processing unit) rather than the CPU. She should still get a quad core i7, though, and just spend extra on the GPU. She'll also want an SSD and Thunderbolt 3. Leo recommends Dell, but ASUS makes good ones as well. A screen with DCI P3 or SRGB standard. She'll probably spend about $2,000 when all is said and done.

Watch Greg from Minnesota Comments

Greg is locked into using an old phone because his skin is too dry to use a touch screen. Is there a smartphone that has raised keys anymore? Leo says Greg could use a standard Bluetooth keyboard with any smartphone and that would solve a lot of his problem. Leo recommends the Aerb wireless keyboard at Amazon. It has a trackpad with it, and is only the size of a game controller. The RII i28 is another one.

Logitech has the K480, which has a stand for his phone as well.

Watch JR from Denver, CO Comments

JR wants to know what would be the easiest way to set up a slideshow presentation that he can show on an HDTV. Leo says that many TVs have USB slots, but it depends if the software supports running photo slideshows. JR could use AirPlay with his iPhone and keep the slideshow on it. Or he can make a movie of the slideshow and the TV could play it.

Watch Eric from Hutchinson, KS Comments

Eric is looking to get a new NAS and wants to know whether he should get a Drobo or Synology? He wants everything on RAID that can be swappable. Leo says that Drobo is USB and is essentially a very large, fast USB external drive system. But for network attached storage, Leo prefers Synology. It's a computer with massive storage on his network.So it really comes down to what he'll want to use it for. Since Eric wants something to play videos and music, Leo recommends running Plex on it. Both are rather expensive, since he'll have to buy drives for them.

Drobo does have the advantage that it can use old drives and build a RAID array out of it. So he can use his old hard drives until they die. Synology will require new hard drives and Leo recommends Western Digital.

Eric should check out this article at Synology is a better long term solution.

He could also build his own with open source software called FreeNAS.

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Watch Wally from Fullerton, CA Comments

Wally recently bought a Tesla Model X. It's a great car, but he can't get AM radio. Leo says that electric motors in the car generate too much interference, according to Tesla. But Leo doesn't buy that since the Model S has an AM radio. It also has streaming radio through the car's LTE connection and he can listen to TWiT's live stream before the radio station even gets it. It's on TuneIn. He could also connect his iPhone via Bluetooth and stream iHeartRadio.

Watch Joseph from Riverside, CA Comments

Joseph built his own gaming PC but every once in awhile it reboots itself. Leo says it could be updating itself. But it also may be that a component isn't working well when it's cold, but when it heats up, it will work just fine. So an errant solder could be the culprit. It sounds like a hardware issue. Joseph should keep in mind that when he builds his own PC, he is his own tech support. He should check out the motherboard manufacturer and see if there's a recall.

Watch John from San Diego, CA Comments

John has noticed that there isn't spell check in Android for Gmail anymore. Leo is surprised by that, but he uses Inbox instead of Gmail and that has it. Why would Google turn off spell check in gmail? Leo says it's a setting that got turned off. John should look in his settings.

Watch David from Burbank,CA Comments

David lives in a fifth floor apartment with 100 Mbps WiFi available. He can't get it on his floor, though. What can he do? Leo says that WiFi is generally limited by distance and David is just too far away from the access point. He needs one on his floor. If he can get his own modem, that's what he should do. He could also try getting a group together to get WiFi extenders and put a few on every floor. That would help.

Watch John from Bay City, MI Comments

John has cut the cord and he's having trouble streaming live sports with an over-the-air antenna. He says that the antenna plugged into the TV is ideal, but the HDHomeRun and Tablo have issues. That points to the culprit, then. Leo says LCDs have issues with live movement and a higher refresh rate will smooth that out. John should look for a higher frame rate in his TV's settings.

Watch Jerry from Riverside, CA Comments

Jerry has been using an app to hack a neighbor's Wifi for free WiFi. Leo says that is a violation of federal law and Jerry really shouldn't be doing that. And it probably doesn't work anyway since most wifi routers are using WPA2 these days and that's a lot harder to crack.