Johnny Jet Over Texas

Episode 1420 (58:55)

Johnny Jet is in Texas for the opening of the NFL at Cowboys Stadium, plus he's going to a Rangers game as well. There, he found out that ballpark nachos were invented at Arlington Stadium. With Hurricane Irma bearing down, Johnny has put together some great information on resources. Check it out here -

Also, while traveling, be aware of belongings, even when flying. Thieves will actually fly on airplanes in order to steal carry-on bags. That's why travelers should always have carry-on bags above and across the isle. That way they can keep and eye on their possessions. Travelers should have to be aware about walking away from their valuables, as a seat mate may take the opportunity to go through their purse/bags.

Website of the week is also an iOS and Android app. ParkAdvisor. Find an RV park or campground all over North America.