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Watch Bill from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Bill has a family plan with Verizon and one of his kids has been using up most of the data resulting in three overage charges. The problem is, he doesn't use it much. Leo says he'll need to look at the phone and see what it says. He should look at the cell usage in the settings. If it roughly matches, then there's something that the iPhone is doing that is burning up bandwidth. The good news is that he can look at the data usage by app in the iPhone's settings.

There are some things that will help keep his data usage low. For instance, Bill can turn off automatic updates in the App Store settings. Under cellular, there's a setting called "Use cellular data," and he can disable that for apps he doesn't want accessing data. He should also turn off location access for apps when not in use. When he's at home, he'll be able to still use those apps on WiFi.

Watch Mike from Maine Comments

Mike has ripped a bunch of CDs to a USB stick for his car, but how does he install them onto his iPhone? Leo says there is an import command in iTunes under the File menu. Then he just needs to point it to his USB stick. iTunes will then import them. Under preferences, he can also choose options that will enable iTunes to manage the library.

Watch Myrna from Twin Peaks, CA Comments

Myrna got locked out of Facebook when she had to reset her account due to malware. Leo says that's Facebook's latest technique for protecting the social network against malware. But like all antivirus utilities, there sometimes can be false positives that can trigger the lockdown. Myrna even ran her own scan with ESET. Leo says that's why he doesn't like antivirus software.

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Watch Bruce from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Bruce got an old computer and he is planning to do a reinstall of Windows Vista. He's wondering if he can wipe out all the partitions, but he's worried that he won't be able to restore it if he needs to. Leo says that Windows will save restore points, but Vista didn't have a restore partition with the Windows installer on it. So he'll have to keep the disc for restoring it if the need arises. Bruce should just understand that Vista doesn't have many updates anymore, so he should be careful using it online. If he can, he should try and get a copy of Windows 7. It's at least updated and would probably run pretty good on that old PC.

Image by Alex McCabe via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Watch Jennifer from Norco, CA Comments

Jennifer is retired and doesn't want to pay for cable, so she has an antenna. She wants a few cable channels, though. Leo says she may be able to stream those channels online through her internet access. Leo recommends streaming from the cable channel website, or use a streaming box like the Roku Express. It's cheap. She should also check out for how to point her antenna to get the most channels. She could also subscribe to YouTubeTV for about $40.

Watch Gene from Pasadena, CA Comments

Gene is running out of space on his hard drive and he doesn't understand why. Leo recommends WindirStat. It will show him what is using up all that space, then he can delete it. He can also clean out his temporary files and downloads, clear his internet cache, etc. He can also uninstall programs he doesn't use all that often.

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Watch Cindy from California Comments

Cindy wants to know if the Echo can work as an intercom all around the house. Leo says it can, but the Echo Dot requires external speakers, while the Echo has its own speaker. There's also the Echo Show, which also has video. She heard that it can make phone calls. Leo says it doesn't make phone calls, but it can make Echo to Echo calls to anyone in her network. If she wants to make phone calls, then Google Home is the way to go. It uses Google Voice.

Watch Joe from Harbor City, CA Comments

Joe connected his Bose network-connected speakers to his Mac, but he can't get the music to play via iTunes. Leo says it sounds like the Bose software is conflicting or doesn't know where to look for his music in the iTunes library. Joe should look in his settings to see where it thinks his music library is. It may just be looking in the wrong place. He did that, but the Bose SoundTouch software also only shows 30 of his files. Leo says it could have damaged his playlist database.

Joe should check out this page at and this page at on how to fix it.

Watch Steve from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Steve can't seem to get his Amazon Fire Stick to work on his TV, but it works fine in his other TV. Leo says that the older TV may not have the latest HDMI standard and so the Fire Stick can't "handshake" with the TV. There could be a firmware update to his TV, so he should look into that. He could also try unplugging his TV, let it set for a minute, then plug in his Fire Stick and turn it back on. That way it could handshake from scratch. The other issue may be copy protection. If his TV is old enough that it isn't HDCP compliant, it could be that the Fire Stick won't support it. A splitter may act as a workaround for it. He should look on Amazon.

The chatroom found an article at that may help. They also suggested this page at for troubleshooting the Fire TV Stick.

The Chatroom also says to try and press the power button on the FireStick several times to see if it will handshake.

Watch Tom from Leland, NC Comments

Tom got AT&T fiber internet in his house. His speed test is slower than he'd like at 400 Mbps. Leo says that if he's doing WiFi over GB ethernet, he should get 400 Mbps. So that's about right. He should also try using multiple speed test sites to get a more accurate depiction of how fast his broadband really is.