What site should I use for blogging while on vacation?

Episode 1416 (14:13)

Bob from Los Angeles, CA
New Blog Entry

Bob and his wife are going on an around the world cruise for six months and they want to write a daily blog of their adventure. The problem he has is that it's difficult to upload video and photos for the blog. Leo says that will be the issue when using cruise line internet. It's very slow since it uses satellite. It's also not cheap. But many cruise lines are moving towards a service called VOOM, which is as fast as a home broadband connection. What Leo does is upload to Google Photos before he goes to bed. Then he could embed the photos in the morning. The benefit of doing this is that as people go to bed, the internet speed will get much faster because he won't be sharing the bandwidth with everyone using their phones during the day.

As for what affordable web service to use, Blogger is a good option because of its tight integration with Google Photos. Another option is to blog by email. If Bob's blog provider supports it, he can write an email to his blog, attach his photos, and it will do the rest. Wordpress.com is another popular option, and it has a free tier as well.

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