Are there cameras using buttons and knobs these days?

Episode 1416 (1:01:28)

Dale from Santa Monica, CA
Fuji X-T2

Dale says that the Fuji X-T2 and he says that most adjustments can be made without the menu settings. They have dials and buttons like the old days. Leo says that seems to be the trend now, going back to physical dials to make changes while shooting, and you can even reassign and program buttons for your most often used settings. It's mostly in higher end cameras, though. Leo says that they look like the old retro style film cameras and he loves that.

Dale also wants to back up his stuff with SuperDuper. Will it work with Time Machine? Leo says it will, but he's better off just getting rid of Time Machine and use Super Duper instead. It will format the Time Machine drive and back up his data. Then he can schedule it, and it will also have the benefit of being bootable. So if his internal drive dies, he can be back up and running in minutes.