Can I get my photos back from a restored iPhone?

Episode 1415 (1:25:51)

Joe from Garden Grove, CA
Apple iPhones

Joe hasn't backed up his iPhone in years because his iCloud is full and he doesn't want to pay for more storage. He finally got around to plugging his phone in using iTunes and he thought he had chosen to back up the iPhone, but instead, he restored his iPhone backup and lost everything. Can he reverse the damage? Leo says probably not. This isn't Joe's fault — it's Apple's because iTunes is awful and it shouldn't offer to restore a phone before backing it up. That's bad behavior. There is a ray of hope that iTunes backed it up. Leo suggests trying to restore the phone again. iTunes should give him multiple backups to choose from. If it backed up before it restored, then it would be the most recent backup. If it's not there, he can try and look at iCloud.

In the future, Leo recommends installing Google Photos. This will backup all of his photos for free, and it has unlimited storage.