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Watch David from Leavenworth, WA Comments

David wants to know what laptop to buy. Leo says that Lenovo's ThinkPad line is really second to none, but HP has been getting much better since they spun off the computer division into a separate company. Then there's Acer, which is a good budget brand.

For between $900 and $1500, he'll be in good shape. He doesn't need an i7 processor for most things. Lenovo has a great premium service plan called One Day Off Site Support, where they will come to him and fix or replace it within 24 hours. It's a great option for businesses.

Watch Ben from California Comments

Ben wants to enjoy the total eclipse but all the glasses are sold out. So he's looking at welding glasses, but can't find 14 grade lenses. Can he stack two 8 grade lenses together? Leo says he doesn't think that they are additive and it won't work that way. It's certainly not worth taking the risk. The best place to find out what to wear is the NASA Eclipse Website.

The chatroom found this thread that talks about whether or not it's safe to stack welders glasses to watch the eclipse. Even if it were safe, the image quality would be poor. He could just photograph it through a smartphone safely. That way he can watch it.

Watch Eric from Sacramento, CA Comments

Eric is a coder and he's been using Windows PowerShell, but it keeps asking for another program. Leo says it's probably asking for Visual Studio Code, which is free from Microsoft. He should go to and download PowerShell for Visual Studio. That will solve his problem.

Mike B in the Chatroom says there's a great site at where he can check out what other people have made with Power Shell. He should also check out

Watch Darrell from Orange County, CA Comments

Darrell worries that his laptop isn't safe on a public WiFi hotspot. Leo says that the reality is he does broadcast his web traffic via radio and it can be sniffed. But these days, most sites are encrypted and secure. If he's worried, using a VPN is a good idea. Leo likes Tiny Hardware Firewall.

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Watch Clarence from Virginia Comments

Clarence says that if you grab the wrong pair of welding glasses, it'll be just like having a huge flash going off in your eyes. So he advises taking a quick glance at the sun with the glasses on, then look away. If it looks like a camera flash, then you have the wrong glasses. Leo agrees. The damage the sun does to your eyesight will never heal. It's permanent and it's not worth risking for two minutes.

Watch Myrna from Twin Peaks, CA Comments

Myrna got a notification that she needed to run special software in order to get back on Facebook. Leo says that chances are good that Myrna downloaded a virus. She has to be careful when responding to popups. They're usually "phishing" scams designed to get her to run a scan or download software. It's a red flag that they're going to break into her system and use it. Since Myrna fell for it, the only safe thing to do is back up her data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.

She should also check out this page on

Watch Joe from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Joe hasn't backed up his iPhone in years because his iCloud is full and he doesn't want to pay for more storage. He finally got around to plugging his phone in using iTunes and he thought he had chosen to back up the iPhone, but instead, he restored his iPhone backup and lost everything. Can he reverse the damage? Leo says probably not. This isn't Joe's fault — it's Apple's because iTunes is awful and it shouldn't offer to restore a phone before backing it up. That's bad behavior. There is a ray of hope that iTunes backed it up. Leo suggests trying to restore the phone again. iTunes should give him multiple backups to choose from. If it backed up before it restored, then it would be the most recent backup. If it's not there, he can try and look at iCloud.

In the future, Leo recommends installing Google Photos. This will backup all of his photos for free, and it has unlimited storage.

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Watch Kevin from Palm Desert, CA Comments

Kevin has a point of sale touch screen system and it blacked out right in the middle of sale and didn't come back. What can he do? Leo says that when a screen goes out, it could sometimes be the backlight. If he looks at an angle, he may see a very dim screen. But if it's totally black, that means that the screen completely died. Or it may be a bad cable. Leo suggestions changing out the cable to start. If it's proprietary hardware and software, then it's not going to be user repairable.

Photo By Travelarz (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 pl], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Vinny from Tampa, FL Comments

Vinny wants to create an eCommerce site. He was thinking of using SquareSpace, but he's also looking at Wordpress and Wix.

Leo says that SquareSpace has the best eCommerce platform. but he also likes BigCommerce. They do all the back end commerce stuff and a lot of mainstream businesses use them. There's also Shopify. Both have free trials.

(Disclaimer: Wordpress is a sponsor)

Watch Ray from LaGrange, GA Comments

Ray got malware, so he backed up his computer and is wondering what his options are for resetting Windows 10. Leo says there are different levels of reset in the Windows 10 recovery menu. If he selects "Reset This PC," it will wipe out everything including his personal data and applications. If he chooses "Fresh Start," it will install a clean copy of the most recent version of Windows and uninstall any applications that didn't come with Windows, and will preserve his user data. This will probably get rid of most malware. There are still categories of malware this won't get rid of, however. Leo suggests starting with the "Fresh Start" option, and if that doesn't work, he should choose "Reset This PC" which will start over from scratch. After he does this, he should make sure Windows stays up to date.

Watch Bob from Fairfield, CA Comments

Bob wonders if the iPhone will have an eclipse easter egg. He had an Apple Newton during the last eclipse and the Newton had a little animation for it. Leo remembers that in the Newton, but he's guessing that Apple hasn't done that in the iPhone. It would be fun if it did. There are some easter eggs in iOS, though, which can be found here.

Watch Chris from Palmdale, CA Comments

Chris wants to know what Leo thinks of the new Max-Q design for Nvidia powered laptops. Leo says it's for hardcore gamers. But it is thin and light, and uses less power to save battery life. It's still about 10-15% slower than the desktop GTX1080. But for laptop performance, it's impressive. And at $1,000, it had better be.

Watch Burt from Porter Ranch, CA Comments

Burt has a Motorola Max mobile device and an iPad. He got a notification to update his security and contact list on his phone, but the iPad gave him a notification that his Google password had changed without his knowledge. Leo says that's worrisome. It sounds like someone may have hacked his Google account. Leo advises going to to see if he can log in. If he can, then his AppleID is likely secure. But Leo advises changing the password again to verify everything. He should make sure that he has 2 factor authentication turned on as well. Leo also recommends signing up for LastPass to keep his passwords safe.

Burt can find out more about activity on his account at