How can I get a replacement phone after T-Mobile killed my service?

Episode 1414 (11:27)

Alan from Simi Valley, CA
Cell Tower

Alan has had a bad experience with several cell providers and he doesn't know who to trust. T-Mobile shut down GSM, so he couldn't use his phone. He went to AT&T, and they gave him a data only contract, leaving him without the ability to call or get text messages. He also can't afford to buy a smartphone.

Leo says GSM still works, but the cell providers are gradually phasing out the old 2G and 3G towers. Leo says that if he goes into the T-Mobile store and ask that they replace his GSM phone with a workable LTE mobile device, they should give him a free phone to keep his business. He should be able to get a resolution. If they don't, Leo says the government subsidized mobile phone program is still running and he can get a free phone that way.