What's the best monitor for my laptop?

Episode 1412 (58:19)

Cathy from Laguna Nigel, CA
Dell 27" Monitor

Cathy is looking for a monitor that she can use with her laptop when she's at home. Leo says that any modern laptop will have an HDMI port and that will connect to an external monitor. In fact, some can support up to three monitors!

What size should she get? Leo says to go with the Dell 27". It's very affordable and the color quality is really good. ASUS also makes monitors, and they are very wide for gaming. It would be great for what Cathy needs as well.

ScooterX in the chatroom says that The Wirecutter has a great review on the HP Z27n here.

If Cathy is on a budget, Beatmaster in the chatroom found the LG 34" for $399.

Leo also recommends a laptop cooling pad like this one at Amazon.