Will Waze work with Apple's CarPlay?

Episode 1411 (1:35:20)

Corey from San Pedro, CA

Corey wants to know if Waze can be used on her Hyundai's Android Auto screen. Leo says Waze just got out of beta for Android Auto. But Corey has an iPhone, which uses CarPlay. He knows that Waze is in beta for CarPlay, but it's a bit tricky to install it. Check out Carplaylife.com for tips on how. Currently, it won't display on CarPlay, and Google has no plans to do so.

Tony in the chatroom says there's a hack at redmondpie.com, which includes a video showing how to do it. He'd have to jailbreak the phone, though, and Leo doesn't advise it.

Leo recommends getting a cheap, data only Nexus device that can run Google Fi, and then run Android Auto on it exclusively.