Why am I getting error messages in my browsers?

Episode 1410 (1:21:28)

Bob from Walnut Creek, CA

Bob upgraded to Windows 10 and now he's getting low memory errors when he browses. Leo says that when a program gives you an error message, it's almost always wrong and worthless to the user. Those are remnants of debugging when writing the software. So all to often, you can ignore them. But they're annoying to deal with. Browsers do store images in the cache and you can clear the cache. But what you want to do is reset your browser. That will also delete cookies and passwords and clean out the cache. EVERYTHING will get cleaned out. Process Explorer from Sys Internals make give you some clue, but it's likely not going to help. Resetting your browser should. You can also start up a browser in safe mode. That will load your browser with no extensions. If everything is OK, that could be the problem.