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Watch Mike from Fremont, CA Comments

Mike has a Swan surveillance camera with a hard drive recording option that archives for seven days before it loops around. He'd like to expand that to a month. Can he? Leo says he might be able to with a larger hard drive, but it may be specially locked down to prevent upgrading or hacking it to his liking. It largely depends on the DVR.

Dr. Mom says that Swan encourages attaching an external SATA drive to a DVR for that purpose. Check out this page at Or he can install a larger hard drive.

Watch Dave from Orange County, CA Comments

Dave has a teenager who is part of the iGen crowd and he never seems to want to do anything but hang out online or play video games. He more or less forced him to get out and come to work with him for the summer and it was rough at first, but he's feeling much better and is more sociable now. And he's getting paid.

Leo says this indicates that being online is an addiction. Get kids away from the screen. Take away their phones at night so they can sleep. And get them to live life out there. He also wonders if it's just the prejudice of our generation that they're just different from us, though.

Watch Rene from Marina Del Rey Comments

Rene has another iGen teen and she says her son wants to be social, but his friends don't want to come outside. Rene keeps communication open with her son, making sure he always feels understood and can come talk to her. It's best to stay connected.

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Watch Lee from Rapid City, SD Comments

Lee has an Escort radar detector/GPS device and he can't update the maps. Leo says that many GPS companies are getting out of the business because every smartphone has GPS and a maps app. The phone is constantly up to date, while the GPS device isn't. Escort has also joined the iPhone generation by making their own app that has crowd sourced radar data like GPS. So GPS devices are rapidly becoming obsolete. There may be a software/maps update at the Escort Radar Forums. They'll at least have a conversation about it and that could point him in the right direction.

Scooter X in the chatroom came across this: "To order the latest v1.3 North American maps for your Passport iQ please call our sales experts at 1-800-964-3138. The price is $49.95 plus shipping and handling." That was back in 2012, though.

Watch Jim from Tallahassee, FL Comments

Jim is trying to install a program from Roxio and he's getting a ton of error messages. Roxio says he needs to remove the old version of the program first. Leo says it could be something wrong with his optical drive, so he should see if he can get a download link to the software and install it that way. This will take his drive out of the chain.

Leo says that often with Roxio, this problem will creep up due to a conflict with an existing driver or codec. Roxio should know this because it happens quite often. The chatroom says they had the same problem and was told to reinstall the runtime drivers, but Leo says that's just silly. Leo suggests giving up on Roxio and installing freeware. Windows should even be able to do it natively.

Watch Bob from Walnut Creek, CA Comments

Bob upgraded to Windows 10 and now he's getting low memory errors when he browses. Leo says that when a program gives you an error message, it's almost always wrong and worthless to the user. Those are remnants of debugging when writing the software. So all to often, you can ignore them. But they're annoying to deal with. Browsers do store images in the cache and you can clear the cache. But what you want to do is reset your browser. That will also delete cookies and passwords and clean out the cache. EVERYTHING will get cleaned out. Process Explorer from Sys Internals make give you some clue, but it's likely not going to help. Resetting your browser should. You can also start up a browser in safe mode. That will load your browser with no extensions. If everything is OK, that could be the problem.

Watch Eric from Hutchinson, KS Comments

Eric doesn't know how to turn on the screen saver in the Creators Edition of Windows 10. Where is it? Leo says it's not obvious in Windows 10. It's in the Lock Screen, under "Personalization." It's at the very bottom. The reason is that it'll pop up the old control panel for him to set it.

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Watch Hank from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Hank uses a universal remote for his home theater system, but it's dying. He's looking for a high end and simple to program remote. Leo says that since Hank's gear is hidden, it makes it difficult to use an infrared remote. He'll have to use an RF remote instead. Leo recommends a Logitech Harmony Hub. it's $99 and it uses infrared to control everything, but he can connect to it via Bluetooth to make changes. It doesn't require line of site to him, just his gear.

Watch Mason from Corona, CA Comments

Mason is a huge gamer. Leo says that's not surprising. Middle age men are the largest segment of gamers right now. He is a mentor for an iGen teenager and he's worked hard to get him to understand that this stuff is for entertainment, and can't interfere with real life. It's fine to play at home, but if there's something else he can do, get out and do it. In other words, don't let it get in the way of other stuff. Leo says to find something fun that's outside to balance out their indoor activities.

Watch Tamar from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Tamar has an Amazon Echo Dot. She'll be listening to streaming radio and then it will just stop working. Leo says that he's had the same problem and it could be that it hears the word stop and stops. But it could also be that the stream stalls and the Echo gives up. Leo discovered that when he used the Echo Show and could see the error message. When a stream stops, it could be a random stop of the stream to force it to restart. This is largely due to having to pay royalties for music that they play. But if it's stopping suddenly and after just a few minutes, then that's not normal.

Tamar uses UVerse and Leo isn't a fan because it cuts out a lot. She should try listening to TuneIn or another streaming service to see if it happens. If it does, then it'll point to her internet connection. If it doesn't, then it's clear that the streaming radio app is doing it. Leo doesn't think it's the Dot. Leo's noticed that streaming stops and starts on the internet a lot these days. Reliability has started to become an issue.

Watch Cheryl from Berlin, WI Comments

Cheryl is having issues typing a comma in her web email. It changes to a symbol for some reason. Leo says it sounds like a typeface or font problem. It's probably damaged and can't find the comma, so it inserts something else. She should try changing the default fonts in her browser settings to another default font. Leo suspects that her ISP is sending a corrupted font. So she'll have to take it up with them.

She should also try a different browser. If that works, then her browser is corrupt. She can restore default settings, and this article at will guide her. She should also try this from