Why can't I cast to my TV?

Episode 1409 (1:19:44)

Seth from Los Angeles, CA

Seth used to work in the film industry and the backup storage that they have is up to 10 petabytes of storage and growing. A single film digitized can generate 4TB of space at 5-6K resolution. Leo says that's really not bad because storage is pretty cheap these days for maintaining archives.

Seth's network has been breached and now he has to improve his firewall. He also does streaming and he can't cast from his MacBook to his LG TV because it's hardwired to his network. Any other gadgets he casts with can, but his laptop can't. Any ideas? Leo says that Chromecast may be a good option for Seth. It's cheap at $35, it's simple and based on DLNA. AirPlay works the best, though. Leo suspects the traffic is being blocked by his firewall. He should look in the settings to see if it's preventing wireless to go into the network that way.