Will I be able to access my photo backups after I get a new Mac with Thunderbolt?

Episode 1407 (24:09)

Michelle from Northridge, CA
Thunderbolt Port

Michelle has been using USB to back up the photos on her Mac, but the new Macs have Thunderbolt now. Will she be able to still back up her photos? Leo says those new Thunderbolt ports can take USB using an adapter. So this isn't an issue. Leo says that thumb drives are notoriously unreliable, though. She might want to invest in an external hard drive instead. It's good that Michelle has three copies of her photos, but it's important that she gets one off-site. Leo suggests she take one of the copies to work. She can rotate which drive she has off-site every week, so she keeps them up to date.

Image by Haotian0905 on Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA 3.0