What's the best home alarm option?

Episode 1407 (38:09)

Paul from Los Angeles, CA
Ring Video Doorbell

Paul is looking for a good alarm system for his home. Leo says that the easiest way is to go to an alarm company like Bay Alarm. He'll need a phone line for it, and they charge a monthly fee for monitoring. Leo says that all of them are about the same, though. He can do it himself with SimpliSafe. He'd install his own sensors and cameras, and it monitors for a more affordable rate.

Another option is to get cameras, alarms and motion sensors like Ring, which would allow him to view his home from his phone. Nest is another that would allow him to do that. It uses facial recognition and if it sees someone it doesn't know, it could alert him. They also offer an off-site DVR option for $10 a month.

Ring doesn't use up his bandwidth unless something is happening. So that's a good option. Doctor Mom says that the Amazon Echo and Smart Hubs will talk to both Nest and Ring.

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