What is the easiest way to build a website?

Episode 1407 (12:45)

Sue from California

Sue wants to start a website at geekyoldbroad.com. She already has the domain name, and now she can connect it to anything she wants. Wordpress.com is an easy-to-use site where she can set up a site for a low monthly cost. Another site that will do this is SquareSpace.com. She can just go in, pick a template that works for her needs, and start publishing content. Wordpress has a free tier with ads. These are the easiest ways to do it. Godaddy and similar sites have "site builder" tools, but they aren't as polished as Wordpress or SquareSpace would be.

She could also look into a solution from Google itself, which is Blogger. This would be good if Sue wants to incorporate her Google Photos. It's free, but she will have to have ads on it. The designs aren't as slick, but it may be easier for her to get started with.

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