Should I copy protect my eBook?

Episode 1407 (28:08)

Mike from Woodland Hills, CA

Mike has written an ebook and he wants to know if he should copy protect it. He's going to be giving it away for students to see if they like it. The LA Sparks want him to copy protect it. Leo says he's not a fan of DRM because it simply doesn't work. He needs to figure out a way for a limited amount of students to be able to access his book as part of a 'beta test.' Leo says he'll need to have an authentication server to verify it. Lock Lizard is one option that uses an open source DRM scheme.

Leo ultimately isn't a fan of copy protection, and recommends urging the Sparks to not copy protect it at all. Calibre is a good ebook conversion program that can format it to ePub for easy downloading for Kindle.

Check out Guy Kawasaki's APE book. It's about self publishing.