How can I print from my Chromebook?

Episode 1402 (2:21:41)

Monica from San Clemente, CA
Canon Pixma MG6300

Monica bought an Acer Chromebook and she loves it. How can she print, though? Leo says that Google Cloud Print is the way to go. She'll just have to have a cloud print capable printer. With Google Cloud Print, she'll be able to print from any device wherever she is located.

Most printers nowadays are Wi-Fi capable, and many of them also support Apple's AirPrint and Google's Cloud Print. AirPrint and Cloud Print are separate from the printer having wireless capabilities, though, so when buying a printer it's good to check that it can do those things.

Monica's Chromebook will need to be online to take advantage of Cloud Print. When she wants to print, the computer will actually be communicating to Google through her Google account in the cloud. Google will then pass along the print job to the printer. She'll need to find the Cloud Print settings on her printer and sign into her account from the printer. Then she'll need to log into her Google account on her Chromebook and find Google Cloud Print in her settings and then select "Add this printer."

When she goes to her Cloud Print settings, she does see her printer there, but it still doesn't work. She's using a Canon MG6300 printer. She just has to make sure it's set up correctly in the printer. Monica can consult this page at with more information.