Can I still get a laptop with a CD drive?

Episode 1402 (1:46:04)

Kathy from Tustin, CA
Dell Inspiron 15 5000

Kathy wants a new computer with a built-in CD drive. Leo says that they're getting fewer and farther between, and both Microsoft and Apple have stopped making them. Dell's Inspiron has one, and Acer and Asus both have it. Is Costco a good place to buy them? Leo says that the advantage of Costco is both their return policy and their extended warranty. But they may be discontinued models as well. So she'll want to be sure that isn't the case.

Could she get a good deal on Amazon on Prime Day? Leo says yes. There's a very good chance she can get a deal, but she won't know what's going to go on sale or when, so she'll have to keep an eye on it. It starts Monday night, July 10th at 6pm. She can check out for more details.

How much? Probably between $500 and $1000. What kind of storage space should she consider? Leo says at least a terabyte. They tend to be slower, though, so Leo recommends getting one with an SSD and then use an external spinning drive that she can connect to for storage.