Should I buy a Chromebook?

Episode 1399 (25:49)

James from San Francisco, CA
Samsung Chromebook Plus

James is looking to get a Chromebook, but he's thinking that as a musician, he may need a Windows machine. Are there online ways around it? Leo says that there are online resources to record audio. Leo says that Chromebooks are great for most people, but it may not be for everything he does. Leo says that before he buys, he should try using nothing but the Chrome browser exclusively for a few days and see if there's extensions that can do what he wants. Leo's guessing that for recording music, the Chromebook may be lacking and he would need a full OS like Windows. Leo cautions against getting a really cheap Windows machine, though. He should spend as much as he can to get the best quality laptop he can. There's definitely good options for under $500, but he shouldn't go too cheap.

New Chromebooks support the Android Google Play Store, and there's some very good apps that may work for James' needs. Auphonic Edit is one. It records audio and then moves the recording to a server.

The chatroom shared an article from with the best music software for Chromebooks. There's also this page at with more suggestions.