iPad Pro 10.5" Review

Episode 1399 (02:55)

Apple iPad Pro

Apple announced new iPad Pros at its event a couple weeks ago, and Leo has the new 10.5" iPad in studio. He's had it for a little more than a week, and he has thoughts on it after using it for awhile. It looks very familiar compared to past iPads, and the changes to the new one are incremental. There's finally a decent camera in it — it has the same camera as the iPhone 7. The new screen is remarkable as well, it has richer colors and is more accurate. It also has a snappy A10X processor, which is noticeably faster — it even bests the latest 13" MacBook Pro. This tells us that Apple sees the new iPads as the future of computer, and its pushing them as a laptop replacement.

Apple also announced iOS 11, which will introduce more computing features to the iPad. You'll be able to drag and drop more things, multitask better, and it even will have a file manager that will let you look at the file contents of the iPad. Rene Ritchie of iMore pointed out that with all of these specs combined in this iPad, Apple is making an augmented reality device. Apple announced ARKit at its latest event, which gives developers a powerful foundation to build apps that use augmented reality. This makes it possible to put virtual objects in the real world on the screen. For instance, IKEA already announced an app that will let you place furniture in your house and see how it looks.

The iPad, as it stands today, looks like a typical iPad, but it tells us two big things about Apple's future: Computing is moving to the tablet, and there are big plans for augmented reality that differentiates from the rest of the company's attempts at AR.