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Episode 1397 June 18, 2017

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Mike from Maine Comments

Mike wants to buy an iPad to go along with his iPhone 6s. Should he get an iPad Pro or will a standard iPad be sufficient? Jason says it depends on how heavily he'll use the iPad, and for what. If he's editing audio like Mike wants, then an iPad Pro would be a lot nicer. There's a great app for it called Ferrite Recording Studio. It's only $20. Jason says it's as good as Logic or Audacity.

Jason says that a 5th gen regular iPad could probably work as well if his podcasts aren't too involved. It really comes down to budget. The Pro also goes up to 512GB now, which is fairly ridiculous. The regular iPad goes up to 128GB of storage. He can get one for around $500.

Watch Max from San Diego, CA Comments

Mike likes MQA high resolution audio, and he wants to know if Apple has any plans to make MQA music available on iTunes. Jason says that MQA is the latest in compression technology that seeks to improve the audio quality over mp3 or AAC, but still keep the file size manageable. Apple hasn't really talked about their plans for MQA, which is an outside standard. But he says that Apple's branding is all about improving quality and MQA is having trouble getting market share.

Jason also says that in reality, many won't really be able to tell the difference. It would be nice if they would make it available for those who are willing to pay for it.

Watch George from California Comments

George wants to know if he should update his Java? Is it OK to update? Jason says that it's often OK to ignore them, but if it's an important security update, or if it's required for him to use a website, then it's a good idea to stay updated. It's definitely safer security wise to do so. But Jason also recommends getting rid of Java altogether. When in doubt, though, always go directly to Oracle to get updates. That way he'll know it's always official.

Watch Steve from Oregon Comments

Steve has a 2009 iMac and he's been waiting to upgrade. Now he's ready to get a 27" model, but it says he can only upgrade RAM to 32GB with the midrange models. Steve has read that he can go up to 64GB and it will work. Jason says that the midrange can go up to 64GB, but the lower end is only up to 32GB from Apple. Third party RAMs chips are available, but Apple would rather he spend $200 more to get the next level iMac. He advises buying the iMac with the least amount of RAM available and then upgrade the RAM from a third party. OWC and Crucial are good places to get them.

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Watch Dan from Fresno, CA Comments

Dan has 2 factor authentication, and he keeps getting a notification that someone is trying to log in using his Apple ID and he gets knocked off his sign in. Can he change his login ID to eliminate it or will he lose all his purchases? Jason says that he's had that issue and it's very annoying.

There are a few ways to go about this. Dan should check out He can also use that site to see where and when others try to log in. He can sign out of all his devices, then go to that site, and click "change ID." Then he can change it. He can also change his email address there.

Watch Michael from Georgia Comments

Jason wants to know when Apple is just going to call the iPhone the iPhone. He thinks that the iPhone 8 is the tenth anniversary iPhone, and it would be a good time to do that. Jason agrees, and says that sooner or later they'll have to do that. They did it for the iPad.

Watch Gina from Venice, CA Comments

Gina's iMac keyboard isn't very comfortable. Where can she get a new one? Jason recommends going over to and search for "Keyboards." Her Mac can use any keyboard out there, and in the System Preferences there's also an option to swap the Command and Option keys for those who need that preference.

Logitech makes a great Mac Keyboard, as does Kensington. But has a great mechanical keyboard. She can get a better one that works the way she wants it.

Watch Jason from San Pedro, CA Comments

Jason has a Windows machine and an iPad Air. He syncs iTunes to it. His iPad is broken, though, and he wants to know if he can restore his iTunes to his PC. Jason says he can get his files off the iPad using Senuti. There's also TunesGo. It'll probably just pull the files off, meaning he may lose his playlists.

Watch Rob from New Jersey Comments

Rob's daughter has an iPhone 7 and she needs more battery life to get her through the day. Jason says that a case that has an extended battery built in is a good option. What does MFI mean? Jason says that MFI stands for Made for iPhone — certified products that work with the iPhone. Mophie is a very popular brand, and their Juice Pack Air is their current model. It would make the phone heavier and bigger, but it will work. Apple also makes their own battery case, called the iPhone 7 Smart Case, but most choose the Mophie.

Jason says the case makes the most sense, but he's also a believer in the backup batteries because they give you more flexibility, multiple charges, and don't weigh down the phone in your hand. And you can use them with more than just the iPhone. Rob should check out Anker, but The WireCutter prefers the Jackery Bolt.

Rob's wife also has an iPad that has filled up, and she wants to backup all the images that are on it. They use eDrive, but it's on an old iOS and he's been told he'll lose his photos if he upgrades the iOS. He wants to know if Google Photos will backup the folders or just the photos. Jason says that Google Photos will only copy the photos, not the albums. Jason recommends syncing it to the Mac or PC first, and then he can manually upload each folder with the photos in it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Steven from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Steven has an old MacBook Pro that has Windows 8.1 installed with Boot Camp. He'd like to dump Windows now and get that space back. Jason says he can open Boot Camp Assistant and click through to the partition utility and use it to remove the partition. He'll just need to click "restore." That will allow him to restore his Mac to its original configuration. Sometimes that doesn't work, though, so he can delete the Windows partition in Disk Utility as well.

Watch Don from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Don has a Thunderbolt display that turns off randomly. He hears that it's an overheating issue. Jason says that a Thunderbolt display is like its own computer, and if the fans have become clogged or defective, it could be turning off. It may be an expensive fix, to the point where it would be cheaper to just buy a new one. Finding a local guy who could fix it may be the most affordable option.

Image by andrew-gw [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Rodney from California Comments

Rodney wants to know if he can use a less expensive third party pencil for his iPad. Jason says that the Apple Pencil isn't cheap at $99, but it's very integrated into the Apple OS and it's got a lot of advanced features. He also thinks it's the best stylus for the iPad Pro.

The 53 pencil is half the price and was the go-to stylus before the Apple Pencil. There's cheaper ones down to $20, but the reality is, he'll get what he pays for, and he'll be sacrificing more features. In the long run, it's a false economy to try and use a third party stylus on the iPad.

Watch Victor from San Diego, CA Comments

Victor would like to update Windows XP. Jason says that XP updates are still available but are usually just on an exploit by exploit basis. He recommends getting all the updates he can and install them. But after that, he should seriously consider not using that XP machine online because it won't be regularly updated.

Image by Nick Perla (CC BY-ND 2.0) via Flickr

Watch James from Riverside, CA Comments

James says that on his Mac, Apple has taken away the color icons in the sidebar. Jason says that sometimes Apple just decides to break stuff because they know better, or it fits into their overall plans for the software — removing features while bringing in others.

Jason recommends checking out an application called DragThing. This would allow James to have a separate dock where he can put more applications. Then he can stop using the Finder sidebar for that.

Watch Casey from Orange County, CA Comments

Casey changed her Apple ID password because she thought she was getting hacked and people were using her data to watch YouTube. Apple said that she wasn't, though she says she hasn't been using her data and it's almost entirely used up for the month. Jason says that her Apple ID shouldn't have an impact on YouTube, so he's skeptical about whether it's connected to her Apple ID. More likely it's preferences for YouTube.

Casey should go into the Settings app, and under cellular she can scroll down and see what data is being used by what app. While there, she can turn off Wi-Fi Assist, because what that does is use Data when the Wi-Fi is bad.

Watch Steven from Hemet, CA Comments

Steven is having trouble with an old iPod logging into Wi-Fi. Jason says that some routers don't like Apple products much. Resetting network settings often helps, as does rebooting the router.