Should I buy an LG OLED TV?

Episode 1396 (20:27)

Susan from Los Angeles, CA

Susan wants to buy an LG OLED TV, but they have various models. Which should she buy? Scott says that LG makes the B7, which is the Costco model, C7, which is their budget brand, then the E7, G7 and W7. All those are 2017 models and Scott recommends all of them. He recently reviewed the LG C7, and it's no different from the B7, which is a "captive model" exclusive to Costco.

The good news is that LG has slashed the prices of all their OLEDs by quite a bit. There really is no difference between the B7 and the C7. All of those models use the same OLED screens and the video processing is the same. The only difference would be cosmetic or additional features. The 65" E7 is $4500, and the 55" E7 is $3500. They're not cheap, but if she's in the market, it's a good buy. She should make sure she can control the amount of light in the room, though, as OLED isn't good for a bright room.