How can I improve antenna reception?

Episode 1396 (32:08)

Jeremy from Costa Mesa, CA

Jeremy is a cord cutter who uses an indoor over the air antenna to get live broadcast television, but he's not getting very good reception. Scott says like any antenna, his reception will depend on where he can put the antenna. The higher the better, and it's best to have it close to a window. Getting an amplified antenna would be a good idea as well. He should try and put it within line of sight of the broadcast transmitter. The chatroom says to use a signal booster too, but Scott says an amplifier will only amplify the noise if it's not within the range of the channel signal.

Scott says he can abandon the antenna entirely and go with live TV streaming. DirecTV Now, SlingTV, Hulu, even YouTube have live streaming TV packages. Of course, that does mean he's back to paying a monthly fee.