Should I get Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials?

Episode 1395 (21:48)

Gloria from North Hollywood, CA
Microsoft Windows Defender

Gloria uses Windows 7 and she's confused whether she uses Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials. Leo says that for Windows 7, she'll need Security Essentials. But it was renamed to Windows Defender for Windows 10. She can get Microsoft Security Essentials at to download it. Gloria also has an older computer with XP, and Java keeps popping up requiring updates. Leo says that Microsoft doesn't support XP anymore, so it's dangerous to use it online. It's fine otherwise, and it shouldn't bother her if it isn't connected to the net. In fact, she should just uninstall Java altogether. It's another massive security hole. Or, if she needs Java for other things, then she should just go into the browser settings and disable the Java plugin.