Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1394 (1:52:09)

Dick DeBartolo

Dickie D's gadget of the week is the JOI Lamp Tea Light Candle Powered LED Lamp. And yes, it does work! The JOI lamps doesn't use batteries, solar, or wall power to create its own light. It uses thermo-electric technology to transform the energy of a single tea light candle into enough light to illuminate your night. Within about four minutes of lighting it, JOI begins to convert the heat of the candle into more than 18 times the light generated by the tea light alone. The box copy says: '100X brighter than one tea light candleā€¯ and that sounds very reasonable after using this unusual lamp. The design makes it an ideal centerpiece and the technology makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor lighting.

Watch the video to see how versatile this lamp design is with dozen of various positions for the movable extending arms, and adjustable shade. On Amazon it got 4.7 out of 5 stars from 65 reviewers, so people do love this lantern. It's not inexpensive at about $107.00 on Amazon, but Dick has seen it as low as $89 by doing a web search.

- Watch the Giz Wiz Video (YouTube)
- Get the Caframo Limited JOI Candle Powered Lamp on Amazon
- Company Website (caframolifestylesolutions.com)