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Watch Kyle from Columbus, OH Comments

Kyle is interested in Google Fi and wants to know how they calculate the data charges. Leo says that Fi is a better deal than T-Mobile if he uses less than 5GB of data a month since they charge $10 per GB. If he uses more than that, then T-Mobile is a better deal. Google Fi would give him T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Sprint service all merged together.

The other thing to consider is that Google Fi only works with Google phones like the Pixel or last year's Nexus. He could put a Fi card into another Android phone, and it will work, but he won't get the benefits of it hopping across different networks.

Watch Fern from Kansas Comments

Fern paired her Bluetooth keyboard to her mobile phone, but it keeps trying to bring up the on screen keyboard. Leo recommends re-pairing the keyboard. Go to Settings > Bluetooth, then find the keyboard and "forget" it. Then reacquire it like the first time.

The chatroom says that there's a hack to get around it. There's an app in the Google Play Store called the Null Keyboard, that will make the keyboard disappear by assigning an empty keyboard to it. But she'll need to remember that when she isn't using the Bluetooth keyboard.

There's also this workaround by

Watch David from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

David is a teacher and he wants to use Netflix as a teaching aid, but the school district won't allow streaming it into the classroom. What can he do as a work around? Leo says that there really isn't one, as he would have to have permission from the district. He could bypass the school's internet by using his cellular data and making his mobile device a hotspot. Then he could stream it via something like the Google Chromecast or Apple TV. But he'll be using his bandwidth and that would be pricey over the long haul.

One workaround is that there are Netflix downloaders that take advantage of the analog hole to capture that signal and save it, but that would be a copyright violation. Also, those downloaders are being stopped by Netflix. There's a program called Replay TV that could also do it, as it could capture anything that he can play onto his desktop.

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Watch Jim from La Habra, CA Comments

Jim is running Windows 10 with an old Apple Airport. He's been dealing with a lot of buffering and connections that time out when he clicks on links in Chrome. Is it the router? Leo says it probably isn't. It's most likely a problem with the Windows File Association Database. It can't seem to find the file it's looking for. Leo says to reset the file associations in the basic Control Panel. It's in the app section under "Default Programs." It will also reset his default browser back to Edge, so he'll have to redo his default browser setting as well. He can press the Windows key, type "default," and hit "reset."

Watch Glenn from Winnetka, CA Comments

Glenn wants to buy an SSD and move his OS onto it. How can he move all his programs and apps to it? Leo says he can clone the drive, but he'll have to be sure that Windows and all of his programs are on the C drive or Windows won't work. He'll also want to be sure he has a cleaned up hard drive, getting rid of his temp files, unwanted programs, etc.

Glenn should check out WinDirStat, which will give him a graphical representation of what's really on that hard drive. Piriform's CCleaner is another option, as it tidies up the drive. It's a good idea to use this opportunity for spring cleaning and just start over. He should install Windows and his programs from scratch, that way it'll be like the day he got his computer — even better since the drive will be an SSD.

Another option is to press the Windows Key and type "clean." That will put the Windows cleaner up. There may also be a Windows.old file lurking around with his old Windows configuration backed up.

Watch Matthew from Panama City, FL Comments

Matthew got a new phone and they put a liquid glass screen protector on it. Leo has his doubts that a layer will really protect it. He's tried Liquipel on his iPhone once and it didn't protect it from submersion. It could be there for scratch protection, but then if that extra layer scratches, he'll be left with the same issue.

The spray is Silicon Oxide, which the chatroom says is quartz. So it may be fine. But why wouldn't Apple, Samsung, and others do it if it worked? Only time will tell.

Watch Kate from Michigan Comments

Kate wants to learn about genealogy. Leo says that computers and online services like are great for that. is another source. is another good option if she's looking to see when her ancestors immigrated to the US through Ellis Island. And, don't forget the local library.

Check out Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems for tips. Another good idea is Gramps. It's an open source software genealogy project.

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Watch Zach from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says there's a ton of great free options including Flickr, which provides 1TB of free online storage. Google Photos is great because they offer face detection and sharing options. Zach can also create and print photo books for as low as $10.

Leo also likes SmugMug for not only sharing, but printing as well. ShutterFly also offers photo books. Even DropBox has photo sharing.

Watch Elena from Boise, ID Comments

Elena wants to get an iPad Pro for teaching. Should he buy the current version or wait until later this year? Leo says that Apple is due to refresh the iPad Pro, but who knows when they'll come out with them, and when they do, will it be that much more powerful? If she can wait until they come out, it'll be worth it to wait. Even if she doesn't want the newest version, the current model may go down in price.

This segment was taped before Apple's WWDC 2017 event. New iPad Pros were announced and are shipping the week of June 10, 2017. Find out more at

Watch Dan from Fresno, NV Comments

Dan's mother is having trouble hearing the audio on her TV, and he wants to get her a sound bar. What's a good, yet affordable option? Leo says that the Vizio Smartcast SB3851 is one of the best sound bars according to the WireCutter. It's $250 and it comes with a subwoofer. It's a great deal. They also recommend the Yamaha YAS-106 Sound Bar with dual built-in subwoofers.