Why is my phone overheating?

Episode 1392 (1:00:17)

Stacey from San Pedro, CA
Moto Z

Stacey says that when she's driving, her Samsung S5 phone starts to overheat, and her battery life has started to get really bad as well. Leo says that using the phone all the time, even while it's plugged in, will cause it to work harder. Phones are higher performing these days, while battery life has been steadily dropping. On top of that, her S5 was one of the worst phones Samsung has ever made.

Should she upgrade to the LG G4? Leo says that LG makes a good phone but it would be best if she could get the latest LG G6.

If money is an issue, the Motorola Z or Moto G5 Plus would be a good affordable option, with good battery life.

Leo also likes the OnePlus 3, and even the original OnePlus 1 or OnePlus 2 are good for battery life. If she can afford it, the Google Pixel is the best out there.