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Watch Clarence from Chesapeake, VA Comments

Clarence is moving to an iPhone because he just can't get good coverage in his area with an Android phone. Leo says that's not really what's going on here. All phones are pretty much the same when it comes to connectivity. If he's losing his connection, it may be that his carrier doesn't have good coverage in his area.

Clarence wants to know how to get his contacts transferred from one phone to another. Leo says that the best thing about his Android phone is that since Clarence has a Google account, all he needs to do is add that account to his mail and contacts in the phone, and it will automatically download his contacts, calendars, and more. Apple also has a switch app called Move to iOS that can help in the Play Store. Then he can connect his Android devices to Wi-Fi and it will sync everything. It will also download apps that are the same on his Android phone.

Watch Paul from Orange County, CA Comments

Paul would like to know what's a good TV with on board sound. Scott says there aren't many, but Sony's OLED XBR-A1E is the best. It uses the screen itself as the speaker and it sounds surprisingly good. But at 55", 65", or 75", it's not cheap. Absent that, Paul should plan on buying a good sound bar or home theater system because most TVs have terrible on board sound.

Watch Ted from Apple Valley, CA Comments

Ted is having trouble with his Wi-Fi. Leo says that's not really the fault of his network so much as it's just congested from everyone else's networks and activity. Also, Ted is streaming 4K video and that takes a lot of bandwidth. It may be that Ted's ISP just isn't giving him the bandwidth he needs to consistently get a good stream. On top of that, anything they publish gets cut in half when streaming via Wi-Fi and with the congestion and the bandwidth, that's quite a challenge to overcome.

A good mesh router like the Orbi can help as well. Leo likes the Orbi, although it's not strictly a mesh router, it does a great job making sure you have a strong signal all over the house. Ideally, a wired connection is always going to be better.

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Watch Stacey from San Pedro, CA Comments

Stacey says that when she's driving, her Samsung S5 phone starts to overheat, and her battery life has started to get really bad as well. Leo says that using the phone all the time, even while it's plugged in, will cause it to work harder. Phones are higher performing these days, while battery life has been steadily dropping. On top of that, her S5 was one of the worst phones Samsung has ever made.

Should she upgrade to the LG G4? Leo says that LG makes a good phone but it would be best if she could get the latest LG G6.

If money is an issue, the Motorola Z or Moto G5 Plus would be a good affordable option, with good battery life.

Leo also likes the OnePlus 3, and even the original OnePlus 1 or OnePlus 2 are good for battery life. If she can afford it, the Google Pixel is the best out there.

Watch Gene from Oshkosh, WI Comments

Gene is getting huge bills from Sprint with overage charges. He thought he was supposed to have unlimited data. Leo says that Gene should call Sprint and see if there's been a billing error. It may also be that Gene has malware on his phone that is causing overages by using the data.

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Watch Bob from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Larry dropped his iPhone 7 Plus and now the screen is completely shattered. He has since found out that Apple doesn't use Gorilla Glass to protect the screen. Leo says he doesn't believe that. More likely, Apple doesn't want to boast that they use Gorilla Glass. Even then, it's not indestructible. The harder a material is, the easier it is to shatter when it lands just right. That's why Apple was looking at Sapphire screens, but they are very expensive to make.

Larry isn't thrilled that his deductible is $225, even though he pays a monthly premium. Leo says that the idea behind insurance is to either get a huge premium from you, or a deductible, or deny you coverage. Larry could go to a third party and have it replaced, but his Touch ID will stop working and he'll likely void his warranty. And parts are hard to find. That's why Leo self insures.

Larry can try throwing himself on the mercy of the Apple Genius, but that doesn't always work.

Watch Barney from New York City, NY Comments

Barney travels a lot. When he gets to a hotel, he has trouble connecting to the local Wi-Fi network. It doesn't always work. Leo says that mobile devices use a system called "captive portal," where it goes to a middle man (usually the hardware company) and then connects in order to agree to the terms and conditions. It can take up to a few minutes for that to happen too, depending on the traffic. Most are impatient and give up. It really comes down to sitting and waiting. Barney can also try going to the Safari app and typing in "," which may trigger it.

Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard wants to know if moving apps to the SD card will save space. Leo says it can, if he knows how to do it. It's not really easy. Google does have a workaround, through adopted memory, but Leo says it doesn't work very well, depending on what phone he uses. Even if he can do it to save space, he's not saving that much space. The biggest storage hog is data. So why not move the data to the SD card and then keep the app on the phone's internal memory? It's one of the reasons why Apple and Google don't use SD cards.