How safe is my internet of things network with a mesh router?

Episode 1390 (1:30:39)

Paul from Louisville, KY

Paul is wondering if the Eero router would give him greater security with his network based security cameras. Leo says that the most vulnerable items are those that are part of the so-called "internet of things" category because they are rarely updated for security. So if they get hacked, not only will the hackers have access to the cameras, but also the entire network. The Eero router has far greater security, because it's designed with internet of things devices in mind. But Leo says that we can also help by not buying devices that aren't updatable.

What about the Arlo? Leo says that Arlo is made by Netgear and that's a good brand. He should avoid the no-name clones, because they have no incentive to maintain security. The Ubiquity Edge Router X is another good one that is very affordable at $50 and it's extremely secure.

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