How can I transfer my photos from my Mac to an Android tablet?

Episode 1388 (1:31:58)

Kurt from Thousand Oaks, CA
Google Photos

Kurt is in a love/hate relationship with his Apple Products. He got his iPad wet and he tried to get it back by letting it sit in a bag of rice, but it didn't work. Apple will replace it for $300. He chose to buy an Android tablet instead. Leo says that Android tablets are fine and Samsung's tablets are very good. But there are much fewer tablet-aware apps compared to what Apple has. Often times, an Android tablet doesn't use the app very well because the app isn't written to take advantage of it.

Kurt wants to know how he can get his photos transferred off his iPad Air. Leo says that the Apple Photos library has something that looks like a bundled file, but in reality, it's just a folder. He can right click on that and select "Show Package Contents." He'll find all of his original photos there. Leo then recommends using Google Photos to upload them from his Mac. It has a very good desktop downloader that will upload his images to Google Photos and he'll be able to see them on the tablet from there. Photos is also good because they do some great facial recognition.