Why can't I get my email on my phone?

Episode 1387 (30:54)

Julie from Littlerock, CA
Samsung Galaxy S3

Julie has a Samsung Galaxy S3. Leo says the S3 was a great phone, but it won't get past Android 4, so she's missing out on some important security protections. Now she can't get her email on her phone. Leo says that since Julie had been using Hotmail, it has been replaced by Outlook Mail, and the settings Julie uses have probably been discontinued.

Leo recommends going into the settings of her mobile phone under an accounts setting. She'll see one for Hotmail, and she can delete that. Then she can try to re-enter it. Or she can tap the Exchange entry and look to see if Sync is turned off. If it is, that would explain why Julie isn't getting her mail.

Image By arielvega (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons