How can I get Silverlight for my browser?

Episode 1386 (38:50)

Mike from Murrieta, CA
Microsoft Silverlight

Mike is frustrated because one of the government real estate websites he visits requires Microsoft Silverlight, and they don't support it anymore. Leo says that everyone has moved away from Flash-like players that require a plug-in in favor of HTML 5. But it's not unusual that government hasn't caught up to the new thinking. Leo thinks government should never require proprietary plugins.

Fortunately, Mike can still download Silverlight from Microsoft at It not work with Windows 10, however. No modern browsers support it anymore, either. Mike would have to go to and download a previous version of Explorer, but that also has its own security issues.

Mike could also run it as a virtual image. He should check out this page from Older versions of FireFox will also work, and he can download a portable version of it to sandbox it.