Should I buy a Chromebase?

Episode 1385 (40:48)

Mark from Vienna, VA
24" Acer Chromebase

Mark is looking to buy a Chromebase. Leo says that if all he does is surf the internet and check email, the Chromebase is just as good as that Chromebook that Mark has. It's very easy to use, and secure too. He's seen a 24" Acer model on Amazon for $350. Is that a good buy? Leo says yes. It's kind of like an iMac in design, and Acer makes good stuff, but he's seen it for up to $300 more. Leo says to make sure he is comparing apples to apples with similar specs.

The real question is, is there a real difference between a Celeron and an i5 Core processor? Leo says that in most cases, no. Most of the stuff he'll be doing is online, and in most cases, it's people who do more advanced applications including video and photo editing that would see the difference. If it comes with a touchscreen, then he'll want one with more RAM. So it comes down to what he does with it. Leo says that when in doubt, go ahead and pay for the more powerful processor. He'll be future proofed that way. If he's on a budget, then it's OK to go with the more affordable option. Or he can spend the extra money on more RAM and a better display.