Augmented Reality May Be Bigger than Virtual Reality

Episode 1382 (01:12)

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook F8 Conference

Facebook and Oculus had their big confab this week and they're focusing on Augmented Reality, which will bring virtual elements into the real world through a headset that shows you the real world, with virtual elements overlaid on it. Leo says that Facebook is looking to that because they are aware that everyone is getting into VR and they are worried about losing their edge in the genre. So look for Facebook to add AR to Oculus VR. Facebook is also going to add vanishing messages to Instagram in an effort to bury Snapchat since they couldn't buy them. Leo says they've also been adding "vomiting rainbow effects" as well.

In other Facebook news, Facebook is making the camera in the Facebook App a platform for third party developers to leverage. Leo says that could be a honey pot that could allow them to pull features or shut them off at a whim, though.

Image By Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons