Why does YouTube keep buffering for me?

Episode 1380 (49:22)

Autumn from Woodland Hills, CA

Autumn has been having buffering problems while trying to watch YouTube videos. Leo says there are a number of things that could be causing this. It may not even be her internet, it could be her computer. Autumn says her computer is a five year old Lenovo that doesn't seem to be slow otherwise. It's not unusual for DSL to have trouble with bandwidth as well. The problem with DSL is that the company that sells it is at the mercy of the phone company. DSL was created by phone companies and stands for "Digital Subscriber Line." The plan originally was to compete with cable TV and put movies down the line. That didn't work out, but the technology allowed them to put data down that line, and it wound up being used for internet. But it uses the same copper lines that the phone uses, and there could be a lot of problems with that.

If Autumn gets DSL from her phone company, she can ask them to come check the lines. They'll check the wires outside and inside. If she's buying the internet service from someone who's not her phone company, they're still leasing those lines from the phone company and they're still responsible for them. But good luck getting help from them on that, because the phone company likely wants to try and sell her something else instead. She'll also find that phone companies often throttle DSL. If she's getting pauses as she's loading pages, that sounds like her service is slow.

Leo would test her speed and see if she's getting what she's promised. She shouldn't use speedtest.net because many internet service providers know about that and will speed up her internet just for that. She should use broadbandreports.com. Up at the top of the page there's a link to the speed test. This will be the average speed, so she should watch the graph as it goes because if there are a lot of dips, that would mean her connection is inconsistent which can cause those pauses.