Should I let go of my unlimited data plan?

Episode 1380 (1:31:33)

Pete from San Antonio, TX

Pete still has the unlimited data plan with AT&T and they're trying to get him to give it up. He uses about 60GB a month and he doesn't want to give it up because they watch a lot of video. AT&T has a cheaper unlimited data plan now, and he's thinking of moving to it.

Leo says AT&T lies about unlimited. It'll be unlimited but after a certain point, it'll get throttled pretty dramatically. AT&T will slow users down after about 22GB. They could offer him zero rated streaming, which is where the content doesn't count against his bandwidth. But they choose the programming that they would want him to watch, and that's bad for net neutrality, and may not even be the content he wants. Being an unusual user, it may be worth keeping what he has.