What's the best music streaming service?

Episode 1378 (1:54:55)

Kenny from Springfield, MO

Kenny wants to know music streaming service is the best. Here are all of the options:

All of the services have roughly the same 40 million songs. They're all roughly $10 a month as well. If you have an Amazon Echo, they'll give you access to Amazon Music Unlimited at a discount for that one Echo. Differences come in the user interfaces, features like playlist sharing, and music curation. Pandora's claim to fame is the music genome program, and Tidal and Apple have a lot of exclusives. Some, like Tidal and Deezer, offer uncompressed CD quality music.

Kenny has an iPhone, Apple TV, and a Roku. Leo says the only thing Apple Music won't work on is the Roku. Spotify will work on all of those, though. Spotify is the biggest, but Leo worries because unlike Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, Spotify and other independent services have to make money on the streaming business alone. Kenny can try all of these for free, but he recommends starting with Spotify, then try Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon.

Both Apple and Google have a feature that would allow him to upload his own music collection to them. That way, if Kenny already owns music that the streaming service doesn't provide, he can still access it in the cloud.