How can I get a pair of AirPods?

Episode 1377 (2:10:56)

Nathan from Utah
Apple AirPods

Nathan is wondering where he can get AirPods. Leo says that AirPods were delayed for a few months, and even now, they are hard to find because Apple isn't up to speed in making them as fast as they need to. The challenge is the new W1 chip. He can get a pair of Beats, though, which uses similar technology.

Nathan should go to an Apple Store and ask them when they'll get a shipment. Then he can go and buy them. It's all about timing. There's a site called that will notify him that they're in. But by then, it's often too late. He can also go to another location like Target or Best Buy and ask them. There's a subReddit that would keep him up to date as well at /r/airpods.