What laptop should I buy?

Episode 1376 (1:48:24)

Kathy from Laguna Nigel, CA

Kathy is looking for a new laptop. Her Lenovo IdeaPad is starting to get a bit finicky. Leo says that the life of a laptop isn't really all that great, especially with the lower priced models. At this stage, she should make sure she has it all backed up. What is her main priority? Performance? Portability? Battery life? Price? Memory? Answering all these questions will help her hone in on what make and model she'll need. Leo recommends getting an SSD in it, and avoid the hybrid drives. They really don't do a good job at either.

Kathy is also into digital scrapbooking. Leo says that in that case, she may need to get something that has a strong GPU. She'll have to talk to the software maker to see if their app is GPU bound or not. If it isn't, she can save some by getting a regular laptop. If it is, then she'll have to get a more expensive laptop like a gaming or editing rig. She may also want to get a USB hub because most new laptops only have one connection and it's usually USB-C. So she should pick up a powered hub and she can then connect as many peripherals as she needs. Leo recommends going with Dell. She can get a high performing laptop that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. That way she can spend the money where it counts — RAM and an SSD.