How can I get rid of Dropper GEN?

Episode 1154 (36:11)

Don from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
Virus Detected

Don runs Windows 7 on his laptop, and was running Avast AVS which found a "Dropper GEN" virus. Leo says it's a nasty trojan virus. It's a dropper package which goes out and gets more malware. So if it's a true dropper, Don has problems. Don should try running a second screening using Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool (Start-Run-MRT.exe-Enter). He could also try Eset's online antivirus screener as well, and Eset has a removal tool that also removes itself when it's done. Don tried running Kaspersky and it didn't' see it. Leo says that could mean it's a false positive. But Dropper GEN is a real trojan.

It may also be reading the wrapper of the shareware he downloaded from CNet as the trojan. Here's an article on what happens when installing apps -

Leo recommends running as a standard user to prevent malware from being installed.

The only real way to get rid of malware is to backup his data, wipe the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, good source. Then he should update it completely. He should also image his drive so if this happens again, he can go back to his original configuration at a moment's notice.

Imaging options include: