How do I keep my new TV from having the "soap opera" effect?

Episode 1138 (23:18)

Reb from Los Angeles, CA

Reb would like to buy an LCD TV but he's worried about the plastic look that some of the TVs have. Leo says nearly all TVs are LED now. If he gets a 60hz TV, he won't have the soap opera effect issue. But with 120hz to 240hz TVs, he will.

The good news is that Reb can turn off the "frame interpolation" that TVs do to create a crisper image. It'll be in the menu settings, and may have different names depending on the model of TV. But the trend of movies now are high frame rate films shot at 48 fps or higher. So in the future, we may not have an option. But for now, he can turn it off.

Reb also has trouble doing spotlight searches in his NAS. Leo says that if his NAS supports AFP, that'll help.