How can I get Google to stop displaying results to my unlinked SquareSpace pages?

Episode 1007 (34:30)

Andy from Los Angeles, CA

Andy is a video editor who is creating a documentary about the first player to get a billion points on a video game. He wants to build his own website to advertise it. Should he go with SquareSpace? The problem he's having is that some of the links aren't working right and he hasn't published it just yet. Google is already indexing it, so people are seeing it before it's ready. Leo says that if there's nothing linking to it, then Google won't find it. So, Leo suggests going into the settings to see if there's a "don't index" option until he's ready. Here's a few technotes on how to prevent it: and

Check out his website at He's raising money with a Kickstarter campaign.

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