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How can I share my band's music online?

Tyler from Palmdale, CA

Episode 1234

Tyler is in a rock band and they're recording their first album. They want to release a few songs for free on their website, but they're having trouble offering free downloads over iOS. Leo says that iOS can play MP3s, but it's hard to get mobile apps to talk to one another. Leo advises putting them on SoundCloud. It's a good place to do it because he can do it for free. And SoundCloud has an app that people can use to play the songs on mobile as well.

How can I set up Wi-Fi in my car?

Episode 1234

Joe from Maryland

Joe and his wife are going on a long cross country trip and they want to put Wi-Fi in their car. How can they do it? Leo says that the MiFi is a great option because it connects to 4G/LTE and would allows them to connect up to 6 different devices at once. The trick is to go with the wireless company that has the best coverage where traveling. That's likely going to be Verizon.

Is it possible to text from an iPod?

Episode 1233

John from Rosemead, CA

John's niece just got an iPod Touch and she wants to message her parents who have Android phones. What are her options? Leo says that Apple has really screwed this up by not making iMessages apps for other platforms like Android. It's a great idea to save money, but Apple has forced users to use the same platform, and it's not possible to text an Android phone with it. That means that they'll have to use a third party messaging app. Leo likes Telegram.

What are my options for eCommerce for drop shipping?

Richard from Gulf Shores, AL

Episode 1233

Richard is starting a drop shipping business and wants to know about eCommerce options. Leo says that Amazon is the first option that leaps to mind.

Eric from Chino, CA called to recommend that Richard call his local unified school district to find out who's good. He should ask for the purchasing department and ask for a list of drop shippers.

What are my options for internet in remote areas?

Steve from Wrightwood, CA

Episode 1233

Steve has a cabin in the woods, but he has no TV or internet access due to living in a remote area. What are his options? Leo says that wireless internet is Steve's only real option. He has two alternatives - satellite or 4G/LTE. He can check out WISPs or Wireless Internet Service Providers, but the problem with all of these are: 1) they're expensive, 2) they have bandwidth caps, and 3) they require specialized equipment.

Will I have any warning that I'm being infected by Cryptowall?

Greg from Tampa, FL

Episode 1233

Greg is worried he's going to be nailed by Cyptowall. If he were to be infected, would he have some warning? Leo says you can sometimes see it happening, but it doesn't give you a warning. It's not instant though, in that it takes time to encrypt the data and if he has a hot backup, always backing up, the encrypted files can infect the backup. Having an offline backup will guard against that.