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Whats' the best place online to learn Photoshop?

Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1183

What's the best website to learn Photoshop? Leo says that is the best he knows of, but they are a sponsor. Leo also says that Adobe has plenty of tutorials through Creative Cloud, and there's plenty of good books. But for well produced tutorial videos, Lynda is Mark's best bet. It's about $30 a month.

YouTube and Apple's iTunes U are other options.

Can I combine internet services to one master service?

Bob from Yucatan, Mexico

Episode 1183

Bob is moving to Yucatan and he says that internet access really isn't all that great. Can he combine both Wi-Fi and cellular into one master service? Leo says that's called modem bonding and it requires a very smart infrastructure from end to end. Generally, he can get it from one ISP that handles it all from the back end. It's a challenge, however. Satellite may be a better choice, although latency will be an issue.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1183

This week, Johnny is river cruisin' in Germany and he calls in video using a 5G phone. How does a river cruise compare to an ocean cruise? Johnny says that river cruises are the biggest thing right now. There are hundreds of ships going down rivers and it can be a traffic problem in the future, especially in the summer. There's no worry about sinking, you don't get sea sick, and you usually have cell service the entire way. It's a great way to cruise. Another great benefit is that you can rent a bicycle from the ship to go anywhere when docked.

How fast of an internet connection do I need for gaming and streaming videos?

Steve from Tacoma, WA

Episode 1182

Steve is going to be streaming video and playing video games online. How fast does his internet connection need to be? Leo says that Netflix has an ISP Speed Index to let him know what he'll need and where he can get it. They also offer recommendations about speed here. 10 Mbps should be sufficient, and 25Mbps would be better yet. He can even use that to Skype with his parents.

How can I keep my iCloud separate from my family's?

Episode 1182

Rick from Torrance, CA

Rick has several iMacs and wants to be able to work between them, but he's concerned with multiple logins and iCloud accounts. Leo says it's a mess that Apple has created because they don't know how to merge iCloud accounts. He can share it with family sharing, but then he can't keep his own data separately. The answer is to have an iCloud account that is associated with only his login. That makes the data isolated and safe.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1181

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet has been traveling in Europe and he's been using local SIMs and his MiFi. But his MiFi hasn't been working too well. He got his from They use local cell phone data and Johnny says it's worked in all but two countries. It's $24.95 a day for unlimited data.

Website: It's ideal for a long layover, usually from 10am-7pm, when you don't need to stay overnight.