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Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1300

Johnny and his wife Natalie are hanging out in Hawaii this week. Today he's talking about Brexit and how the UK leaving the EU will affect travel. He says there won't be much change for about two years, but it has lowered the cost of travel in the short run to the UK. But it will affect flyers who use Irish carriers like Ryan Air, since Ireland could opt to stay in the EU.

How can I get Google to give me better web page ranking results?

Michael from California

Episode 1299

Michael has a website and has learned that Google has changed the rules regarding SEO. Leo says that Google is always changing the rules in an effort to combat spam. Michael's analytics have dropped dramatically since then, though. Leo says that following the webmasters tools based on Google's analytics is really the best thing to do. Will using Java affect his SEO? Leo says no. Having an updated site map will improve his chances. Making his website "mobile responsive" will also be rewarded. Loading speeds are also key.

Why does the font change in my browser while I'm typing?

Richard from Burbank, CA

Episode 1299

Richard has noticed the fonts change while he's using Yahoo Mail, and is wondering why that's happening. Leo says that there's something about his browser that is causing it. He may be accidentally hitting the keyboard combination while he's typing. It's usually "Control +" that he would hit. If he's using Chrome, then it sounds like a bug in Yahoo's javascript. Since it's being sold off by Yahoo, it's likely that they're not really addressing issues like this. The issue has been going on since 2012 and there's not much in the way of answers. He could try resetting his browser.

Why can't I forward my email?

Judy from West Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1298

Judy uses email, but she's having trouble forwarding email to someone else. Leo says to forward the mail exactly as it came, including attachments. If she tries to change it, she could end up messing it up. Using a computer at the library may be an issue as well. The browser may be older. It may also be a setting in the library's security settings to discourage that. Judy should try sending messages to herself and see if she can duplicate the issue.

Why does my internet radio buffer so much?

Jim from Gaithersburg, MD

Episode 1297

Jim is legally blind and uses an internet radio. He doesn't understand how to use it, though, and it buffers a lot. Leo says that Wi-Fi has a distance issue where the greater the distance, the weaker the system, and the slower the bandwidth. That's why Leo recommends plugging it directly into his router and he won't see nearly as much buffering. Leo recommends hardwire connections for any streaming device.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1297

Johnny Jet

New website - RoomerTravel. It's like Stubhub for hotel rooms. Great for when you book a hotel room that you can't get refunded. You can list it here and offer it to another party. The site takes 15%, but at least you're getting something back. If you still want to hang on to your hotel, you can always call the hotel and ask to reschedule your booking for another date. Then later, if you still need to, you can cancel the reservation.