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Microsoft Catches Fire for Reading Employee's Personal Email

Episode 1070


This week, privacy advocates were up in arms over the story that Microsoft had read the personal Hotmail of an employee they suspected was stealing company secrets. The argument was that that Hotmail is a free service that Microsoft owns and since the employee knows that, they had the right to read his email to see what he was up to. Microsoft has promised to go through more mainstream legal channels before doing it again.

Why won't voice dictation work with chat windows?

John from Irvine, CA

Episode 1069

John was using Microsoft's built in voice recognition to dictate in Word. He uses the Logitech G35 USB headset and it learned his voice fast. But it won't work at all with chat windows like Skype, or others. It just won't function at all. Leo says that some applications don't support it dictation. Leo suggests doing a test call on Skype to be sure he's getting a good connection. If he has a good connection and dictation still doesn't work in Skype chat, it may not be supported.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1069

Johnny is in LA this week and had a nice 5.3 earthquake. It shook him up quite nicely, but he survived. The chatroom wants him to talk about the Malaysian flight. Technical difficulties prevented us from continuing the interview, but Leo says to go to for all the latest travel news.

How can I figure out what tab audio is coming from in my browser?

Episode 1068

Chris from Miami, FL
Google Chrome

Chris has noticed that when he visits a web page, he'll start hearing audio but he doesn't know which tab it's coming from. Leo says that's very annoying and it's becoming quite a problem because sites will auto play video. Google Chrome actually puts an audio icon on the tab that is playing the audio, so Leo recommends using Google Chrome as his browser.

Is it possible to manage all of my data on one single computer?

Episode 1068

Pat from San Bernardino, CA
Drobo File Transporter

Pat has quite a few computers, and is wondering if there's a good way to manage all of his data on one single machine. Leo says that the Cloud can make just about any computer "his" computer. With his data in the cloud, he can just use any computer or device he wants. Leo uses a computer at work, at home, and has a tablet and a phone. Leo also has a FileTransporter, which for $250 gives him his own cloud access.

Why can't my wireless camera connect to my server?

Walt from Huntington, WV

Episode 1068

Walt and is using an old server as a home computer. He uses to monitor his home security system, and it works wired. But when he changes over to the wireless configuration on the camera, one of his cameras will not connect.

Leo says that there may be a DHCP conflict that's preventing it, or the password based security is the issue. He should try turning off security on the router to see if it works. It may be the older camera can't be supported with the newer security standard used by the router.

How can I get rid of Conduit search?

Episode 1068

George from Vero Beach, FL
Conduit search

George got a nasty piece of malware called "Search Conduit." Leo says that Conduit is bad, even though they swear they're legit. But if it takes over his browser and he can't get rid of it, then it's the very definition of malware. Leo advises downloading MalwareBytes from If that doesn't work, he should try booting into "Safe Mode" and try it then. If that doesn't work, he should try one of these:

Why are cities levying extra taxes on Internet access?

Episode 1068

Mike from El Segundo, CA

Mike says that city governments are levying extra taxes disguised as internet modernization efforts, when in reality, they're using it for other purposes. Leo says that TWiT isn't a political show, but users should always pay attention to what goes on in their home towns. All politics is local. A greater impact is the monopoly on internet access that companies have, and we've seen that in the recent net neutrality issue resulting in Netflix having to pay.

Shouldn't we back up people as well as data?

Episode 1068

Louis from Hollywood, CA
cloud backup

Louis says that he thinks in addition to backing up our data, we should "back up" people. What he means by that is redundancy of capable people so that companies aren't reliant on just one person to solve problems, especially in IT. Leo says he agrees, which is why he does things like show notes, and the TWiT Wiki. In fact, he's also trying to put together a Wiki of what everyone does at the Brickhouse Studios. Leo is breaking ground on running a TV station on the Internet, and as such, things often go awry.