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Why am I having issues playing back video files?

Dave from San Diego, CA

Episode 1189

Dave has some high def videos and they aren't playing right. They're dropping frames and are jumpy. Leo says that high def video can be a bandwidth hog, and on an old computer it can be struggling to keep up. It could also be an issue with the codec or that it was encoded at too high of a bitrate. But the files are probably OK. He may want to re-encode them though, and Handbrake will help you with that.

How can I access all my data from multiple devices?

Marian from Santa Ana, CA

Episode 1189

Marian needs to connect five wireless devices to the same storage. Leo says that the easiest would be to buy storage in the cloud. iCloud would be the best option for Marian's Apple needs, and she can direct data to be automatically backed up to iCloud and then access all of it from any of her devices. Videos is going to be a challenge, though. But for images, Apple's new Photos app does it all automatically once she turns on iCloud Drive. It'll also put size appropriate versions for her device automatically, which will save space.

How can I keep my laptop from connecting over Wi-Fi when it's hardwired with ethernet?

Noah from Wyoming, MI

Episode 1189

Noah is trying to connect his laptop to his router via ethernet, but his laptop keeps connecting via Wi-Fi instead. Leo says on the Mac, he could order the connections so that the laptop would try ethernet first and then go to Wi-Fi. On a Windows Machine it's a bit more complicated. It could be a driver issue. He should update his drivers.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1189

Johnny Jet

This week's app is Luxe. It's like your own personal valet when you're trying to park. So if you can't find a good parking spot, you send a notification on LUXE and they'll send you a valet. It's $5 an hour or $15 max for the day. Leo says that's insane! They'll also take your car and have it washed. Only in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago right now. Coming to Boston and Seattle. It's like Uber for parking.

How can I stream a local baseball game over mobile phones?

Charlie from Winton, MA

Episode 1189

Charlie goes to local baseball games and they stream the announcing of the game over the internet. He'd like to be able to beam it via Bluetooth for people to listen to it on their smartphones. Leo says that he can't really do that because of its limited range. It's only 30 feet. He could set up a small, micro power radio station. Or he can just stream it and people can listen to the stream on their smartphones. Bluetooth is just too limited in range. And even if the range wasn't an issue, a transmitter can only handle so many pairings. It's not designed to work with many devices.

What computer do I need for video editing?

Episode 1188

Marilee from Highland, IN
iMac with Retina 5k display

What computer should she get for video editing? Leo says an iMac is the way to go, but some say the Mac Pro is better. Leo disagrees. She'd still have to buy a monitor and other externals if she got the Mac Pro. The iMac is faster and she'll get that huge 5k display, making it easier to edit. She's not doing advanced rendering, so the 5K iMac is ideal. And she'll want more memory, at least 16GB. As far as the processor goes, the faster clock speed is more important than the number of cores. She won't need to get an upgraded video card either.

Verizon Buys AOL

Episode 1188

Verizon bought AOL for $4.4 Billion this week, which Leo says is a bargain. The sale includes Huffington Post, TechCrunch and a host of other properties. Leo says that Verizon really wanted AOL's mobile ad platform. With over half of internet searches being Mobile, the mobile ad platform is really valuable. But Leo wonders how you put an ad on such a small mobile screen.

Meanwhile, Google is going to put a buy button in their ads to encourage more commerce.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1187

Johnny has website recommendation,, which allows you to search where a cruise ship or any other ship is. Just type in the name of the ship in the filters, It'll also give you a live timeline. Tracks cruise ships, Cargo ships, Tankers, Yachts, fishing vessels and more.

App - Record 360. Allows you to not only take live video that's time stamped and geo tagged, but also Still images that you can not dings, dents, etc. on iOS. Great for when you rent a car!