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How can I keep Internet Explorer from crashing?

Cathy from La Verne, CA

Episode 1172

Cathy is having a problem with Internet Explorer crashing. Leo says that if that's the problem, chances are there's something system wide happening. Leo advises resetting the browser to see if that fixes it. She can go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset.

Cathy could also reinstall it, and Microsoft has information on how to do that here.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1171

Johnny is still in Austin for South by Southwest, and his first app this week is called Meerkat, the live social video app that launched at SouthBy which Johnny thinks is awesome. It allows you to live stream whatever you're doing and plug it on twitter. Leo says that there have been others that have done this, like Qik, but Meerkat is really easy because people follow you via Twitter and they can comment while you're talking. It's a great way to publicize events. You can even create your own mobile TV network by Meerkating.

Should I worry about my internet getting shut off due to piracy?

Ben from Stanford, NC

Episode 1170

Ben got an email about a notice of copyright infringement for illegally downloading a song. Leo says that the way that it works these days -- ISPs don't give out his information, but they will send a letter and warn you not to download music illegally. They work on a six strike rule and after that, his account could get cancelled.

How can I get Gmail to stop trimming my emails?

Steve from Studio City, CA

Episode 1170

Steve was using Google to send email for film festivals, but Google has been cutting his messages short. Leo says that the original idea was to hide responses to messages, but it seems to have extended to longer form messages or emails with attachments. Leo says he could list the images as links within his email so that they can access those pictures online. Unfortunately, it's Google's sandbox and he has to play by their rules if he wants free email.

Am I paying too much for internet access?

Delores from Van Nuys, CA

Episode 1169

Delores got a new Apple iPhone 6 and she's wondering if she doesn't need her landline anymore. Leo says that for emergencies, a landline is a good idea because it works when nothing else does. But there is more than just the phone company that offer landlines. She also wants to be able to use all of her devices at home. Leo says that she'll want a Wi-Fi router so that she can get online from all of her devices.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1169

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is at South by SouthWest in Austin, a conference/festival that covers Movies, Music, and Software. It's where Twitter was launched. Johnny is there with TripIt to talk about travel. There's a new app called Silvercar. It's a car rental app that allows you to rent a brand new Audi 4. You scan a QR code on the car with the app, it opens the car, and you're ready to roll. No waiting in lines. Free Wi-Fi, Free Satellite Radio, Free toll tags. Free fill up of gas at cost plus $5.

Why does Skype always crash on my Mac?

Lance from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1168

Lance is having issues using Skype in OS X Snow Leopard. It always crashes on launch. Leo says that it should work on Snow Leopard. Leo recommends completely uninstalling Skype. Merely dragging the icon to the trash isn't enough. Lance should look for additional files in Application support, and get rid of them.

He should run Disk Utility and App Cleaner to get rid of any traces of the application. He'll want to start from total scratch and then reinstall Skype. It should get backup and running for him. Odds are, there's bad file fragments lurking about that's causing it.