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How can I get working?

Kate from Ann Arbor, MI

Episode 1250

Kate uses to search her genealogy, but they've changed their website and she's having issues. Their tech support really isn't helpful, either. Leo says that for the price people are paying to have access to, they should have decent tech support. Leo says that the issues Kate is having could be due to upgrading to Windows 10 and Chrome. So if compatibility issues are happening, she should try using a different browser like Internet Explorer.

Could someone else be using my email address as a login for a website?

Don from Hacienda Heights, CA

Episode 1250

Don has to use the US Air Force Website to address issues with his pay, but it says that someone else is using his email address so he can't log in. Leo says that it's likely that somebody else in the database has put in the wrong email address that was strangely similar to Don's. So it has associated his address with the other account and there's really no way to reach the other guy. Leo suggests that Don get in touch with the Air Force tech support and solve it, or ask if he can set up his account with a new email address.

What software do I need to record podcasts?

Brian from Momence, IL

Episode 1248

Brian picked up the Heil PR40 Microphone to do some podcasting. He also uses a PreSonus AudioBox iTwo. Leo says the Heil PR40 is a mic that Leo uses all the time. The PreSonus makes it possible to use a professional analog broadcast mic with a computer. Brian is wondering what he should use to record podcasts when he interviews people who call in. Leo says that Skype is the way to go, especially when he's having guests all over the world. The quality is amazing, too. The reason why, is because the telephone network is intentionally inferior with extremely low bit rates of 4-6 bits.

Is Elon Musk really launching satellite Wi-Fi?

George from Santa Monica, CA

Episode 1247

George hears that Elon Musk wants to launch satellites to give everyone Wi-Fi access. Leo says it's true. He wants 4,000 satellites orbiting the earth so that there's nowhere on earth that you can't get high speed internet. He wants to launch them through SpaceX. Leo says that one of the problems with satellite internet, however, is the latency because of the distance it has to travel back and forth twice for each packet of data. Better than nothing, mind you, but there is a cost. Google is taking a different approach with balloons in Project Loon.

How can I publish my own book?

Sundeep from Orlando, FL

Episode 1246

Sundeep has a friend who has created a Christmas book for children and he wants to help them maintain inventory for selling their book online. Leo says that self publishing is a great way to go, but doing your own fulfillment is not. He should check out the book "Author Publisher Entrepreneur" (APE) by Guy Kawasaki. Printing on demand is a great way to go. They should check out for this, and they can even sell through Amazon. Leo also recommends shipping via