What's a good fitness watch?

Episode 1348

Ann from Los Angeles, CA
Polar M400

Ann is looking at fitness watches, and she wants it to sync with Runkeeper. Leo says that every one will, and some do better than others. She's looking at the Polar M400 right now.

Leo says the challenge may be GPS, because most tie to the phone and let the phone handle the GPS. Leo says that Polar makes a great fitness band, and it doesn't require the phone for GPS. So she'll be good there. Another option is Garmin.

Can I play movies from an SD card on my Blu-ray player?

Episode 1347

Jim from Maryland
SanDisk Connect 64GB Wireless Media Drive

Jim has all his movies backed up on his network. He'd like to use an SD card to plug in and watch that way. Leo says he can, but he'll have to be sure it's in a specific format by the Blu-ray player, so check he should check his manual. If he's wanting it for travel, he should check out the SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive. Its designed to connect to a smartphone and then he can stream to the TV via DNLA. It has a 10 hour battery life too, which is great for a road trip.

What Chromebook should I buy my wife?

Episode 1347

Terry from Amarillo, TX
Dell Chromebook 13

Terry is looking to get his wife a laptop for Christmas, and he's thinking about a Chromebook since she tends to get in trouble online. Can she do photo editing with a Chromebook? Leo says she can, as there are online photo editors and plugins for Google Chrome. Google Photos is the best with basic photo tools and filters. There's also Polarr Photo Editor, an extension to Chrome. It's like Photoshop for Chrome.

How can I wipe my hard drive completely?

Josh from Denver, CO

Episode 1347

Josh has an old HP Stream and he wants to sell it. Leo says it was a nice laptop for its day. How can he wipe his data without having to reinstall the OS? Leo says that Windows does offer recovery tools that will wipe the drive and reset it to a factory state, but it really won't completely get rid of his data. In order to really be sure, he'll need to overwrite the drive several times. Leo advises Darik's Boot and Nuke or DBAN. It'll not only format the drive, but it will overwrite it several times with 1s and 0s to military spec.

How can I print from my tablet with an old printer?

Episode 1347

Rich from Scranton, PA
Lantronix xPrintServer

Rich wants to know how he can print from his tablet to his old printer. It's not wireless. Leo says he can get a print server which will convert any printer to a wireless one. The Lantronix XPrintServer is a good option. But for that price, he can just get a new printer. It'll also allow him to connect his computer wirelessly to the internet.

Michigan Passes First Autonomous Car Laws

Episode 1347

Autonomous Car

Michigan became the first state in the union to pass laws that would pave the way for autonomous self driving cars. But in doing so, they made it only legal for auto manufacturers to do so. Leo says that no driver will be required and that Google and other companies pushing for the laws applauded the move even though they can't create them just yet. But Leo suspects there's a loop hole in there somewhere. Next comes Florida.

How can I get Dell to replace my hard drive?

Vicki from Rialto, CA

Episode 1346

Vickie's daughter had a computer and the hard drive died a month after the warranty expired. What can she do? Leo says to write Michael Dell and ask for him to address it. Leo says that the hard drive for it is under $100 and it could be replaced depending on its design. She should find out what it would cost to have them install it.

The chatroom says that the Geek Squad at Best Buy will charge $50 to install it. She doesn't have the Windows 10 disc, though. Leo says she can download it from Microsoft since that computer has already been authorized to use Windows 10.

Why won't my TV remote work anymore?

Episode 1346

Hutch from Irvine, CA
Peel Remote

Hutch has a really old TV and he's hooked up an antenna to it with a digital tuner. He's tried connecting his phone to it with the Peel remote system because it has a remote app, but now all he gets is snow. Leo says that it worked once and it sounds like it's forgotten what the remote code is. It could have changed the source or that it sent a code that won't allow him to access TV channels. Leo says the problem is in the setup.