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Has Apple stopped making computers with function keys?

Episode 1509

Manny from Mt. Carmel, PA
Apple MacBook Pro

Manny has a 2013 MacBook Pro but he needs to upgrade and he's annoyed that Apple has removed the function keys in favor of the Touch Bar. Leo says that there is a 2017 MacBook Pro model that comes with the last batch of function keys. But this year, they aren't making them anymore. So it looks like the time for function keys is now over. Leo says that the speed of the i9 has made it worth it, though. The keyboard has also been improved thanks to a silicone dampener. The Touch Bar isn't really a bad idea, but hardly any apps support it.

What technology can help me with my disability?

James from Connecticut

Episode 1509

James is a military vet who is disabled. Most of it is dealing with PTSD and brain damage. He wants to know what technology will help him in daily life, especially when it comes with memory. Leo says that computer technology can keep his access to the world alive, and it can be used with assistive situations that life requires. The Amazon Echo and Google Home, for instance, can help the blind.

Leo recommends looking at the Veteran's Affairs Assistive Technology site at https://www.vaatech.org. The site offers help with:

The MacBook Thermal Throttling Issue Is Over Blown

Episode 1509

Leo says that he's been using the new MacBook Pro for a week with Apple's firmware fix to solve the thermal throttling issue of its i9 processor during heavy use applications. Leo says it's now mighty fast and is running as it should. The problem as a simple missing piece of code called a digital key. Now everything is as it should be and the internet needs to stop piling on the new MacBook Pro.

How can I use a Ring video doorbell without home internet?

Episode 1507

Mimi from Orange County, CA
Ring Video Doorbell 2

Mimi recently bought a Ring Video Doorbell 2, but she doesn't have internet at home. Leo says she would have to have internet access at home to get it to work. It has to have Wi-Fi to connect. She could use a cellphone in hotspot mode, but that would be as expensive, or more than just having a home internet connection. She could talk to her neighbors to see if she can use their Wi-Fi to connect her doorbell. Another option is to use a MiFi card. That would enable her to connect up to five devices, including the doorbell.

What gaming computer should I buy for my son?

Episode 1507

Michael from Escondido, CA
Asus Republic of Gaming G20CI

Michael's son has just finished 8th grade and he wants to reward him with a decent gaming computer. What should he get for between $1,200 and $2,000? Leo says to not get a laptop. He should get a desktop. He'll pay more for a gaming laptop, and they won't be as fast because of limitations in graphics processors. Leo recently got his 15 year old an Asus Republic of Gaming (ROG) G20CI desktop PC.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1507

Dick DeBartolo

Toy manufacturer Tastemakers was showing their newest 'old tech' arcade machines. Five different scaled down Arcade1Up machines are set to be released fall 2018. Most contain four popular old-time games from the arcade era. Unlike bigger, 6' tall machines, these Arcade1Up cabinets are 4 feet tall and weigh a lot less, about 60 pounds or so. Tastemakers says that the machines will offer “the same game play as the originals, with same sounds, joysticks and buttons.” The arcades use a 17-inch LED screen for play and some assembly is required.