Anything from starting a business to working in a corporate environment.

Didn't Apple just copy everything they own from someone else?

Rick from Long Beach, CA

Episode 903

Rick feels Apple is being hypocritical by suing Samsung, since they haven't really invented anything new. They merely refined existing technology. Leo says that if Apple owns patents, they have to protect them. Apple does innovate, even after refining a technology. The problem is that software patents really hamper innovation because the patent law duration is 17 years, and that's an eternity in software development. This is why Leo says reform is needed.

Why is my Dell laptop overheating every time I play video?

VJ from Woodland Hills, CA

Episode 900

VJ says his Dell Studio computer heats up to 92 degrees centigrade on the GPU. Leo says that the temperature shouldn't be over 70 degrees centigrade, but the chatroom says that it's pretty typical for a graphics processor to run over 100 degrees centigrade. He could look up the GPU and find out what temperature it's rated for.

Is there a good equivalent to Quicken that I could use on multiple computers in the cloud?

Nate from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 898

He could use Quickbooks. They have software and a service online for a monthly fee, but this might be more than what he's looking to do.

Leo would suggest Mint from Intuit. It's free online, and instead of entering all the data himself, he would connect this to all of his accounts. It's completely safe to use because it uses the same backend service that all of the major banks use, Yodlee. So they have all of his banking information already anyway.

How can I handle ecommerce for selling tshirts? (Part 1)

Steve from Miami, FL

Episode 898

This is one of those things that should be left up to someone else to do. Leo recommends looking into a couple of websites that will handle the ecommerce and site to sell the tshirts:

  • They do everything, including the site. They have a free trial, so he should try it first.

  • This also has a free trial, and will handle everything for him.

Leo recommends trying both before opening any store to see which one he likes best.

How can I go about hiring someone to design and build a product I thought up?

Fred from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 896

Leo says that really, the easiest part is the idea. The next thing to do is create a prototype with a local designer to create it. Then, he'll have to find a manufacturer in China to make a production run. He'll then have to try and get a vendor. All that can be difficult and costly.