wifi analyzers

Why is my wifi so slow?

Episode 1533

Caller from California

The caller is having issues with wifi in his laptop. It's VERY slow. Leo says that your router may need to be replaced if it's really old. Run Inssider and see how well your wifi is. NetSpot is another that will show you the weak spots in your router coverage. There are others here - https://techwiser.com/best-wifi-analyzer-for-windows/

Mesh routers like the Orbi may also be doing bandwidth shaping to prioritize the web traffic.

Why can't I connect my Wemo to the internet?

Belkin Wemo

Episode 1452

Armando from Whittier, CA

Armando is trying to connect Wemo to his wireless router, but when he connects an additional one, it won't take his password. Leo says 2.4 Ghz is extremely congested now, so Leo recommends going into his router settings and changing it to allow his router to make changes automatically. That will enable it to choose the best channels. Doing it manually is tough and he'd need a Wi-Fi analyzer to do it. If he wants to do that, InSSIDer is a good one.