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Episode 1349

Johnny Jet

Word on the street is that employees on British Airways are threatening to strike over Christmas, and if they do, it will pay to have a backup plan.

The Wynn Las Vegas is planning to put the Amazon Echo in all 4900 rooms. The Marriott was the first to do it. The future seems to be voice activation.

Travel App of the week - PassportBooth for Android and iOS. It has tips on how to take your own passport photos with your smartphone, print them, or send them to a local printer to print.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1129

Johnny Jet is a new website that promises up to 25-75% off Internet rates (based on rack rates). Leo says it seems like hotel rates are getting really expensive. Johnny says yes, rates are high right now, especially heading into the holidays, so it pays to shop around. And has the potential to offer tremendous savings.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1113


Johnny Jet is in Cambodia this week and he says that they require fresh US dollars to pay not only for your visa, but also cab fare. If they're torn, they won't accept them. Leo says that if he's only traveling for a week or less, they just stay at one site and see it all, rather than try and waste time traveling around the countryside.

Cathay Pacific Round Trip Boston to Hong Kong - $750.
New York to Copehagen - $363 round trip luggage or food not included. Available in November. Check out for details.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1085

Johnny is home for Memorial Day. Leo's going to Hawaii and wants to know if there's a good Luau to look into. Johnny says he's only been to the touristy ones and he's not impressed. A few deals - Priceline had a mistake this year and offering $130 trips to Asia via Europe through New York. Tickets to Turkey, Beijing, and since they're only one way, you'd have to pay full fare to come home. But a great deal. And Johnny says it's not required to honor the mistake, but they almost always do because it's a PR nightmare. Johnny will Tweet it after the show, so stay tuned.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1057

Johnny Jet's wife gave him some Stickygrams, which are refrigerator magnets with his instagram photo on them. $14.95 for a sheet of 9 with free worldwide shipping. Leo says they're fantastic, but Johnny should try "Boomf," which are instagram pictures printed on marshmallows! Also, at the Olympics, the Canadian Olympic team has a special refrigerator filled with Molson beer that will only open if you scan your Canadian passport! Leo says that's genius marketing.